Cohiba Siglo III


Cohiba Siglo III For Sale

Length: 5 1/8
Ring: Gauge 42
Shape: Petit Corona
Taste: Spicy
Strength: Medium


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Buy Cohiba Siglo III Online

Buy Cohiba Siglo III Online. Cohiba is the premier brand of Habanos. It was initiated in 1966 for Fidel Castro himself and was made at the now world renowned El Laguito factory.
Initially it was only witnessed outside Cuba as gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats. From 1982

Cohiba has been available in the open market. Only three sizes where made available, the Lancero, the Corona Especial, and the Panatela.
In 1989 three more vitolas, were added; the Robusto, the Exquisito, and the Espléndido. These six are referred to as the Línea Clásica.

In 1992 Habanos SA launched a new range of sizes, the Línea 1492. To celebrate Christopher Columbus and his voyage to the Americas, with each size referring to a hundred years since Columbus’ discovery. The range constituted the Siglo I, Siglo II, Siglo III, Siglo IV, and Siglo V, with a Siglo VI added in 2002.
Cohiba Maduro 5 was launched in 2007.

Alone amongst any other Cuban Cigar, two of Cohiba’s filler leaves, the seco and ligero, experience a third fermentation in barrels. This creates silkiness to the blend that leads to the unrepeatable Cohiba experience.

These cigars were launched to commemorate each one of the passing centuries (Siglo means century in Spanish) since Christopher Columbus first discovered the island. In 2007, a new line of three medium to full flavoured cigars with dark wrappers, known as Cohiba Maduro 5, was added.
Fact: the Cohiba Siglo VI is one of Cuba’s finest cigars. It has multiple entries on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list and that doesn’t happen by chance or luck.
Length: 5 1/8
Ring: Gauge 42
Shape: Petit Corona
Taste: Spicy
Strength: Medium
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To this day Cohiba production is tightly controlled and only 5% of cigars made from Cuba bear the Cohiba marque.

When you buy a cigar from The Cigar Club you are buying into over 50 years of trading experience.  Everything we despatch is checked for quality. All our Havana cigar bear the EMS (English Market Selection) Stamp of excellence. This guarantees both provenance and quality.

The Siglo III is a Corona Grande vitola, measurements are 155mm with a 42 ring gauge. This fine cigar is filled with the signature premium tobacco blend exclusive to Cohiba, and is Totalmente a Mano, Tripa Larga – long filler, hand made, in the famous El Laguito factory.


The renowned Cohiba Siglo series were released in 1992 to commemorate the 500 year anniversary of Columbus’ arrival to the new world, becoming available internationally in 1994. Siglo Series are known officially as the Linea 1492 range.

True to Cohiba the aromas were mild coffee and soft grass, we were greeted immediately by an elegantly smooth burn that produced a fragrant smoke with distinct richness. Subtle flavours of wood, sweet spice, coffee bean and vanilla all swirled through this bouquet and left a touch of spice on the lips at the finish.

This cigar lasted around the 90 minute mark and stayed consistent with a medium body and strength profile from beginning to end. For an enhanced experience try pairing this one with a cuban coffee or fine brandy after dinner.



Box of 25

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