Cohiba Piramides Extra


Cohiba Piramides Extra For Sale

Length: 6 1/5
Ring: Gauge 54
Shape: Pyramid Extra
Taste: Woody
Strength: Medium to Full


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Buy Cohiba Piramides Extra Online

Buy Cohiba Piramides Extra Cigars Online. Pirámides Extra is an addition to the Línea Clásica of Cohiba. This vitola includes a new Cohiba band with innovative design and security elements. Cohiba is the Habanos flagship, and the most prestigious brand in the tobacco world.

The brand was created in 1966, and was solely available as gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats, and of course, for President Fidel Castro for many years. Since then, its production has taken place in the prestigious “El Laguito” factory, in Havana, Cuba.

Beginning in 1982, the year in which the brand was introduced abroad, Cohiba has been available in limited quantities for connoisseurs worldwide to enjoy.

What is Cohiba Piramides Extra

The name “Cohiba” is an old word used by the Taíno Indians, the original inhabitants of the island, to describe the rolled tobacco leaves they smoked, which Christopher Columbus saw for the first time in Cuba in 1492. Cohiba is, subsequently considered, the first name for tobacco.


Cohiba has 4 different Lines: The Línea Clásica, composed of 6 vitolas developed between 1966 and 1989. The Línea 1492 was launched in 1992 to commemorate the 5th Centenary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival on the island. The Maduro 5 line was introduced in 2007 with 3 new vitolas. In 2010 Cohiba Behike, the most exclusive Cohiba line, was introduced.


The introduction of Cohiba Pirámides Extra is designed to complete the range within the Línea Clásica, the first line created in the Cohiba brand. Pirámides Extra introduces the characteristic Línea Clásica´s medium to full flavor, produced as Totalmente a mano Tripa larga- totally handmade with long filler-, using the “selection of the selection” from the best tobacco plantations in San Juan y Martínez* (D.O.P.) and San Luis* (D.O.P.), in the  zone (D.O.P.) within the Pinar del Río region* (D.O.P.) in Cuba. Made with the Línea Clásica blend, comprisengand, these two last types of leaves have had the additional fermentation which is unique of Cohiba.

Although in the past various figurados- cigars tapered at one end- , such as the Pirámides vitola, have been created for specific occasions in limited numbers, such as the Reserva del Milenio and the Edición Limitada 2001 and 2006, Pirámides Extra is the first figurado that will become a part of the permanent Cohiba collection, as a part of the Línea Clásica.


The factory name Pirámides Extra (ring gauge 54 x 160 mm in length) will be produced exclusively in Cohiba. This vitola will allow the complete essence Cohiba Línea Clásica´s unique flavor to be enjoyed in a format that lends itself to special occasions due to its magnificent size.

One of the essential visual characteristics of this new Cohiba is its image, which includes an innovative band with holographic elements, making identification easy for Habanos lovers and enhancing the exclusivity of the Cohiba brand.

The new Cohiba Pirámides Extra will exist as well soon in an innovative tube that incorporates new design elements and additional security measures.

BRAND Cohiba
FACTORY NAME Pirámides Extra
MEASURES 54 ring gauge (21,43 mm) x 160 mm in length.
PRESENTATIONS Boite nature (BN) of 10 units
We would like to make a recommeded cigars such as cohiba panetelas, cohiba medio siglo, cohiba majestuosos 1966



Single, Box of 10


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