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Buy H-upmann Cigars Online. H. Upmann is a famous Cuban-legacy brand with roots that date back to 1844. Today, H. Upmann is best known for its premium Dominican and Honduran-crafted blends which enjoy a substantial audience in the U.S.

Cigar enthusiasts are frequently encouraged to try H. Upmann due to the brand’s recognizable presence in the market and its reputation for quality and consistent flavor.

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The makers of H. Upmann focus on a thoughtful combination of classic releases, such as 1844 Reserve and Vintage Cameroon, as well as newer and exciting profiles from more contemporary blends like H. Upmann Legacy.

Buy H-upmann Cigars Online

Sample a tasteful brand with a nice array of medium and medium to full-bodied profiles from H. Upmann.

Upmann 1844 Reserve Robusto – 4.5 Stars from 10 Reviews. “I love everything about this cigar. The draw, the awesome flavor, and the consistent burn, this is a good cigar.”
In 1844, two brothers, August and Hermann Upmann started the H.Upmann cigar brand. The brothers are were pioneers in the cigar industry and are acknowledged as the inventors of the cedar box as a means to store cigars.
2 in Cuban cigar factories, and was a favorite of Winston Churchill, perhaps the most famous cigar smoker in history. He consumed so many Julieta No. 2 cigars that the grand and elegant size was eventually named after him.
Upmann Cigar. Hailed as one of the most famous Cuban heritage brands, the H. Upmann marque was founded in 1844 by Hermann Upmann.


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